Man’s Two Natures, Human and Divine, Part 3/7

It is a law that Nature approves of certain things at certain times and then rejects them, she no longer approves them; we also do that, we work with all our strength to obtain certain things and then we work equally hard to get rid of them! Wisdom lies in knowing how long to keep things and when to let them go. Now do you see why man must give up fear? It is time the other Nature stepped in and advised, ‘Control yourself! Learn to dominate your animal nature, it will be to your advantage to do so.’ The higher Nature is, I suppose, an unnatural nature!

Men follow their nature, but the question is, which nature, their animal (human) nature or their divine Nature? Unfortunately for them, most people are firmly attached to their animal nature, yes, sincerely and honestly loyal to it, convinced it is the nature to follow, and the day someone tries to make them understand that they have another nature which they should be following, life becomes complicated indeed!

But it must be so: the building our ancestors took so many centuries to build was magnificent for that era, but now the time has come when it is worn out and must be torn down and another one built in its place. A building can be right under certain conditions but when those conditions change, it is no longer suitable. Certain elements are preserved and used for the new construction, in the way that builders save beams, iron works, carved wood, etc… from old buildings they tear down.

Jesus said, ‘Unless you die you will not live.’ Yes, we must die in order to live, die as far as the lower nature is concerned, to be born again in the higher Nature, just as the seed must die in the earth in order to begin to grow. If it does not die, that is, if it remains stagnant and useless in the attic (which is another kind of death) it will not live, that is, it will never bear fruit. We too, if we remain stagnant and refuse to grow out of our old customs and concepts, we too will never really live. We must die to the old form and adopt the new, more beautiful form, then we will be alive! We have only one way open to us: to die in our lower nature and be born again in our divine Nature.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 213, Man’s Two Natures, Human and Divine



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