Man’s Two Natures – Part 5/7

“Initiatic Science assures us that man is a tremendously complex being, infinitely richer than he appears to be physically. That is the great difference between esoteric science and official science: official science says, ‘What you see is the whole man, we know him in detail: he is divided into so many parts, he has such and such organs and cells, he is made of such and such chemical substances which we know all about and have given names to. That is man.’

The esoteric science not only affirms that man has other bodies beside his physical body but goes on to explain the nature and function of each body. For the moment, even if the individuality wanted to manifest itself in the dense and dark regions of the personality, it could not do so to any great extent. It will take more time, more experimenting, more training and studying and experience over the centuries to come, perhaps millennia, before the bodies that form the personality can express the qualities and virtues of the individuality.

But the day the mental body becomes subtle and penetrating enough to understand the divine Wisdom, then the astral body will display its most noble and unselfish sentiments, the physical body will be given every opportunity for action, and nothing will resist it. Although there is no real separation between the two natures, the individuality is always seeking to influence the personality toward the good, but the personality only wants to be independent and free, it will obey no one but its own impulses, almost never those from above.

Despite the fact that the personality is animated and fed by the individuality, it opposes it steadily until the day when finally, due to the efforts of the one who works determinedly and tenaciously in that direction, at last the individuality succeeds in slipping into the personality and assuming control. The personality then becomes obedient and submissive, one with the individuality. That is the true fusion, the true marriage, the true love, the true esoteric meaning of the expression ‘making the two ends meet.’
To be continued….

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 213, Man’s Two Natures, Human and Divine


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