Revelations from the Master Peter Deunov to his disciple (Mikhael Aivanhov) before he left for France

« You must realize that in the world above, you were free. Before incarnating, you signed a contract before a Grand Assembly, before the greatest Spirits. You agreed to accomplish a task here below and you must now fulfil your promise.

« In one of your past incarnations in India, you wrote some books and those books were a source of in instruction for the whole world.

« You came here to bear witness to the truth.”

In 1937, two years before the outbreak of the second World War, sensing the turmoil to come, Peter Deunov entrusted brother Michaël to carry the flame of his teaching to France. Of the forty thousand disciples, he was deemed worthy of this immense responsibility.

Just before his departure to France, Peter Deunov told him: « I am giving you a precious stone, but as you will have to travel through a large forest teeming with bandits and wild beasts, this stone will have to be covered with mud so as to be unrecognizable. Bandits will set up on you, and will try to rob you, but as they will not discover anything valuable, they will eventually leave you alone. As soon as you have crossed this dangerous forest, I will be with you to wash the stone which will then shine with an unequalled splendour. »

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