Mikhaël experiences Brotherhood in Paris during WW2

The Great White Brotherhood extends throughout the entire planetary system
When he talked of brotherhood, Mikhaël was not referring principally to a gathering of human beings on earth, but rather to the great family of those of all eras who seek the light, who have embraced a philosophy of love and justice, and who belong, consciously or not, to one great universal family. As time went on he often talked about the great Brotherhood of white light that exists on a higher plane: The power of the Great White Brotherhood extends throughout the entire planetary system, and even beyond. The true Universal White Brotherhood is made up of all the most evolved beings in existence.

The Brotherhood on earth is a reflection whose purpose is to carry out the plans of the Brothers above while benefiting from their light and their help. It must become, more and more, a faithful reflection of the one above.

An experience of Brotherhood during WW2 in Paris
During the war in Paris, he had an inspiring experience which suggested an image of a truly fraternal world. Returning home late one evening, he missed the last train. The ticket offices were closed; everyone was at home behind closed and bolted shutters, and it was growing colder. Not knowing what else to do, he sat down on a bench and began to pray.

After a few minutes he heard the rhythmic tread of a German patrol, and hoping that he would not be arrested for being out after curfew, he stood up, walked briskly toward them and explained his predicament. To his surprise, they escorted him very courteously to a mansion in which there were a number of officers, and gave him a bed for the night.

Lying in the dark, unable to sleep, he could hardly believe the strange adventure that had led him to be offered hospitality by the enemy. The next morning he was invited to breakfast with them. No one asked him what he was doing there, and when he was ready to leave, one of the officers walked with him to the station.

Human beings will have to refine their intuition to respond to the vibrations of Aquarius
Speaking of this incident years later, he said: ‘Just think. If all men and women lived in brotherhood and love, you could move freely about the world and be welcomed with open arms in every country as members of the same family.’ During this time of war he continued to say: ‘Peace means universal brotherhood. Peace will never be born of violence.’

In his view, the Age of Aquarius would be an era in which fraternal communities thrived in the world, for Aquarius is synonymous with universality. But in order to adapt themselves and respond to the high frequency vibrations of Aquarius, human beings will have to perfect and refine their intuition, become more spiritual, be truly fraternal and make room in their hearts for the love of others.

Louise-Marie Frenette,
Extract from The Life of a Master in the West  (Amazon, ‘look inside’)
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