Mischief on Mousala, Part 3/5

The Rila Lakes in the Musala mountains, Bulgaria

As a young man Mikhaël had a love of mischief and was quite capable of doing something spectacular just for the fun of it. Many years later he told of one such incident: “When I was still very young there were certain exercises that I loved to do. One day I was with some friends at the top of the Musala mountains, and the lakes of Rila and the other peaks were hidden by fog. It was so thick that we could barely see each other.

Just for fun, I asked my friends, `Do you want to see the view? Tell me what you want to see and I’ll show it to you.’ Well, one of them asked to see the third lake—or perhaps it was the fifth—I do not remember exactly.

I had climbed the Musala so often that I knew exactly where each lake or peak of the Pirin-Rhodope mountains was, so I stretched out my hand in the direction of the third lake, the fog cleared, and the lake appeared. Of course, they all exclaimed in surprise. Then I lowered my hand, and gradually the lake was once more hidden by fog. Then someone else wanted to see the Macedonian mountains. I stretched out my hand in that direction and once again the fog lifted and the mountains appeared.

After that the sun came out. My friends were absolutely dumbfounded. For the first time they understood how powerful thought can be. This story is absolutely true. I know that the invisible world is listening to me. I cannot lie to you.” After relating this incident he added that if it is possible to act on external clouds it is even easier to work on those that obscure our inner world. By mentally focusing rays of light on them, one can dispel them and regain inner peace and joy.
To be continued…

Louise-Marie Frenette,
Extract from The Life of a Master in the West  (Amazon, ‘look inside’)
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