The moon and its influence on humans

…to conclude, let me remind you that the different phases of the moon can always be used for spiritual work. Suppose, for instance, you want to improve your will-power or your health, or to possess greater wisdom, love or light: wait until the moon is waxing, then at night you look at it, raise your right hand and say, ‘Just as the moon grows full in the heavens, so may my whole being be filled with health and vigour – or with love, light, etc. – so that I may become a true servant of God.’ You should repeat the formula three times. If you do this exercise frequently and regularly, you will see results, because it is a magic rite, and magic is always effective, always powerful.

And when the moon is on the wane, you can use the opposite formula: ‘Just as the moon is waning and fading in the heavens, so may such and such a vice or weakness diminish and disappear, for the glory of God.’ here, too, you should repeat the formula three times, with your right hand raised. Initiatic science teaches us to use absolutely everything for our own advancement and perfection.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Extract from lecture given at the Bonfin, 16th August 1966
Full transcript contained in Complete Works Book 32, The Fruit of the Tree of Life

The picture shows the waxing moon and the planet Venus

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