The moon, the star of magic

The moon, the star of magic, reigns over the waters

The moon, star of the night, rules over the waters – pure, crystalline water as well as polluted water. This is why it is the star of both white and black magic. Initiates have studied these two aspects, pure and impure, benevolent and malevolent. In Greek mythology, they were personified by the goddess Diana (or Artemis), called the chaste Diana, and the goddess Hecate, goddess of hell. The hidden face of the moon, the dark cone, has the property of absorbing the evil that is in the earth; for the thoughts and feelings travel and the thoughts and feelings of those whose inspiration is evil are drawn to the this dark cone. It is from this region that sorcerers draw the dark entities that torment human beings and lead them astray, and it is also from this region that they draw the evil elements they use in their spells and rites. As for the other side of the moon, it is exposed to the purifying influence of the sun.

If you learn to concentrate on the upper regions of the moon, you purify yourselves. To receive some help in this exercise, you can hold a piece of silver in your hand, for just as the sun has affinities with fire and gold, the moon has an affinity with water and silver. You can also link yourselves to the Archangel Gabriel, who is the Archangel of the moon, as the Archangel Mikhael is the Archangel of the sun.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – The Book of Divine Magic Life, Izvor Book 226

Painting by Nicholas Roerich, ‘Oirot Messenger of the White Burkhant’, 1924

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