Mountains – and the entities that inhabit them

High up in the mountains live entities that are extremely luminous and powerful. They are attracted by the exceptional purity that reigns at these altitudes. But it is no good climbing three or four thousand metres in order to come into contact with these entities, because they only reveal themselves to those who have embarked on the path of light with all their heart and their soul.

Very few people are capable of making the most of the favourable conditions the mountains offer them to aid their spiritual evolution. They climb these mountains simply for fun, to be able subsequently to boast about their exploits, to make a noise.

They do not sense the presence of all the entities inhabiting these regions and have no respect for them. And so the mountain, sensitive and intelligent as it is, closes itself to them.

There may even come a time when these entities will leave the mountains because they are so bothered by these ‘human’ animals who pollute everything. So you, at least, try to behave in such a way that they feel you appreciate their presence and their work.
Omraam MIkhael Aivanhov – The Mysteries of Fire and Water

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