Nature Spirits – Part 5

…”When you go for a walk in the woods, you should go up to a tree and tell it, ‘You are so strong and handsome! I wish I could be as strong and sturdy as you are. Please, tell all your brother trees how much I admire you all.’ then the spirits that live in that tree murmur amongst themselves: ‘Most human beings are blind and half asleep, but this one senses our presence in the forest. What a magnificent surprise!’ they will be so happy they will immediately tell all their fellow spirits about you, and then they will all come out of their hiding places to look at you and dance round you.”

Then, too, you should call on all the trees of the forest to join in our work. Tell them, ‘You know that God, your Creator, is very great and sublime; are you doing something special to serve him apart from your ordinary work? You must help the universal White Brotherhood; it exists in the world in order to make men and women better and more enlightened so that the kingdom of God may be established on earth. And when this happens it will be to your advantage as well. So you must unite with all the trees of the world and give us a helping hand.’ in this way, every tree on earth will be on the alert and join us in our work for the light.

Sometimes, if you look among the trees with your eyes just barely open, you will see an immense, majestic figure. This is the regent of the spirits of the forest, the egregor that unites them in one soul. It will wrap you in an immense mantle of light glowing with rays of every colour, and you will go home dazzled and overflowing with joy.

I repeat, you must talk to nature spirits and encourage them to collaborate in a divine work. When you are by the sea, speak to the spirits that live in the water. Call to them and say, ‘What are you doing for the good of humanity? Try to have a good influence on those who come and bathe or sail here; try to inspire them with a desire to be different, to be better. they will not be easily convinced, they’re inclined to be very obstinate, but if you insist they’ll listen to you in spite of themselves and begin to do as you tell them. so, set to work without delay!’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – ‘The Fruits of the Tree of Life’, Vol. 32
The Spirits of Nature, Chap. 22, page 301

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