New illnesses are evidence of the disharmony in modern life, Part 2/7

Many new types of activity have appeared in recent years-
‘Today, I want to add a few words to what I was saying yesterday about work, for there are a great many points that still need to be clarified. Certain kinds of work erode and disintegrate human beings and make it impossible for them to grow and advance towards the light.

The subject is vast and there is so much to be said, especially in view of all the new types of activity that have appeared in recent years. So I propose to speak about it from a point of view which has never been properly appreciated.

Our physical work needs to be in harmony with our spiritual and divine work
Work concerns the three worlds, physical, spiritual and divine. In other words, it is something that exists not only on the physical, material level, but also on the level of emotions and feelings, and on that of thought, of the spirit.

It is important to understand this, for work exists all the way up the scale and it is possible to work at the same time on all three levels: physical, spiritual and divine. Also, we must co-ordinate the three levels of work so that our physical activity is in harmony with the other levels, so that it neither destroys nor is destroyed by the whole.

These new illnesses are evidence of the disharmony
The trouble is that most human beings do not have this knowledge, and often engage in work or activities that are so much in contradiction with their being as a whole. It is then not long before they begin to suffer from many different ailments, and even the specialists, whose job is to classify and find names for them, are at a loss.

The truth is that all these new illnesses are simply evidence of the disharmony and strife between the three worlds: the divine world of thought, the spiritual world of emotion and the physical world of action. A very extensive knowledge of human nature is needed in order to unify all one’s activities in time and space, to know exactly how much or how little; when, how and in what order to do things.

Our divine school teaches how to harmonize our activities
Once you are capable of harmonizing and synchronizing all your actions and of adapting and using them for the service of an ideal, you can truly claim that your life is one of indescribable beauty, joy, happiness and fulfilment.

This is why our divine school teaches a proper understanding of all human activities; from the basics of nutrition, breathing and sleep, to the most exalted activities of heart, mind, soul and spirit.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

From a lecture given at The Bonfin, August 5, 1965

To be continued…

Complete Works Volume 18, Jnana Yoga Vol 2
Chapter 2, Spiritual Work

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