Do not fear sexuality – the strength of all strengths, Part 3/3

Sexual energies contain the seeds of evolution and transcendence-
Neither his spirituality nor his behavior was ever inspired by a repudiation of the sexual force; on the contrary, in his view, the sexual energies with which cosmic intelligence has endowed human beings contain the seeds of evolution and transcendence.

Learn to direct these energies to the higher spheres
There is a close affinity in his philosophy between sanctity and sexuality: ‘Human beings, he said, are capable of attaining perfection only when they achieve control of these special energies and direct them to the higher spheres. And they can succeed in this endeavor only by adhering to the high ideal of seeking to resemble the heavenly Father and the divine Mother, only by opening their hearts spiritually to all creatures on earth.

Love is an exchange that can be more than physical
‘Love is an exchange, and there can be exchange on other planes than the physical. There can be an exchange between two people at a distance, through a look, a thought, a word, without ever embracing or touching. […] When I speak of love I mean love that is life, light and beauty, an exchange with divine creatures. That is the love I think about night and day, and this love brings me blessings.’

Do not renounce, transpose your choice of pleasures to the spiritual plane
To renounce something without putting anything in its place had no meaning for him. As he often said, he himself had renounced nothing: he had simply transposed his choice of pleasures from the physical to the spiritual plane, thus gaining a profound joy that was nourished by mystical experiences. The beauty of children, of nature at sunrise, of the stars, the oceans, the mountains—all these things spoke to him of the perfection of God.

Extracts from the Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Biography, by Louise-Marie Frenette,
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Izvor Book 205, Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon
Complete Works Vol. 14, Love and Sexuality – Part 1

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