We should not think only of saving our own soul

We need another philosophy today, the new philosophy that is coming with the Aquarian age-
And now let us look at what these two triangles mean in the spiritual life. In the past, religions such as Buddhism, and even Christianity, urged human beings to detach themselves from the physical world and seek to approach God and become one with him. The earth was nothing but a `vale of tears’ and life an illusion from which people were advised to detach themselves as quickly as possible so as to return to heaven or nirvana.

Each individual was encouraged to think only about saving their own soul so as to enjoy the splendours of heaven. Now I am not saying that this point of view is bad, but it is imperfect. It is a point of view that has enabled human beings to discover a great deal about the inner life, but it is no longer appropriate to our times.

We must no longer work only with the feminine triangle
To adopt the philosophy of the feminine triangle is to reject matter and all the activities and duties attached to it, and this leads to certain anomalies. Today we must work with the triangle of the spirit, which is the triangle of realization, of manifestation in the world, in our physical bodies, in matter.

We must no longer concentrate on elevating ourselves above the world; on the contrary, we need to descend. I am sure that there will be a few ‘mystics’ who will object in horror, ‘But that is terrible! That is the way of perdition! Religion has never taught us to descend; on the contrary, we must elevate ourselves and rise above the world!’

It is the masculine triangle that will bring the Kingdom of God on earth
Well, have it your own way, but such an attitude will never bring about the kingdom of God and his righteousness on earth. The few who seek to save their own souls will simply leave the rest of mankind sunk in disorder and misery, because this philosophy of flight is incapable of transforming the world.

We need another philosophy today, the new philosophy that is coming with the Aquarian age. This new philosophy is water from above, a fountain of life flowing from the heavenly regions, and it will transform the earth and cause the seeds of the kingdom of God to germinate with new life.

Heaven, of course, is a perfect world, a world of blessings and splendour in which we may find freedom and happiness, but if everyone abandons the earth for heaven, the earth will continue to be a wilderness.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

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