A Paradigm for the New Millennium

Initiatic Science provides a deeper understanding of human nature and the steps that can help establish peace in the world – Those who explore Initiatic Science – The Science of the Spirit – will come to a deeper understanding of human nature, and the steps that can help establish peace in the world. Few people really understand the psychic structure of humans with their different subtle bodies and all their different needs and aspirations. Nor do they know the twofold nature of man that I have explained to you: the lower self and the higher Self, the personality and the individuality. Until those who work and hope for peace understand a bit more about this science of the spirit, they can do whatever they like but they will never establish peace in the world.

None of this is difficult to understand, but what counts is that people must want to change the situation and, unfortunately, they don’t. They spend all their energy on their own interests—and perhaps a little on those of their family—and this will never solve our problems. How can humanity be made to understand that the Kingdom of God could be established within a few days?

All human beings have been created to the same pattern in the workshops above
It has been said, ‘Man, know thyself’. Yes, man must know himself as he is outwardly but also as he is inwardly. And this is just the point: inwardly there is no difference between men; whatever their race or their level of civilization, they have all been created and fashioned to the same pattern in the workshops above. For the time being, as they are too deeply sunk into matter, they cannot help but hate each other; it is impossible for them to do anything else.

If you look at the creatures that live in swamps and jungles, you will see that they all devour each other; but if you look at those that live much higher in the invisible level, amongst the angelic hierarchies, you will see that they do nothing but embrace each other and exchange gifts. Yes, in the higher regions they exchange love whilst down below they exchange hatred and hostility. This is why human beings, who have sunk to such a low level, cannot do otherwise than devour each other. So then they draw the erroneous conclusion that humans will always devour their fellow men and that it is the law of the jungle that will prevail in the world.

True progress, true change, takes place in the mind, in the heart and soul, and it takes place thanks to light. Nothing will ever truly be changed as long as men cling to the same selfish, dishonest, deceitful mentality. How can reforms be effective if the mentality is still the same? It is when the mentality is changed that society will automatically change. Everything depends on people’s mentality, and mentalities can only be changed by an alternative philosophy.

For true progress, revolution needs to happen in people’s minds
In conclusion, genuine peace and harmony in the world can never be obtained by changing things externally. It is the mentality of human beings that needs to be changed; revolution must take place in people’s minds. And that is where I can make it take place: if I have enough workers with me, those who misuse their power will be forced to disappear and Heaven will replace them with true servants of the light.

Try to understand me, therefore, and to do everything in your power to spread the Teaching so that the whole world may benefit from it. To be sure, a great many people today are working for the well-being and happiness of mankind and for world peace but, because their understanding of these things is too materialistic, their work is largely futile.”
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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