The potency of sexual energy for spiritual development, Part 2/3

The Divine Mother

He explained to couples how to live their love for each other without sinking to levels that sterilize the spiritual life.

Of paramount importance in his view is to recognize the potency of sexual energy and use it for one’s spiritual development. The sexual organs are a synopsis of creation as a whole. The force that lies hidden in human beings is a sacred, divine force by means of which they can attain all their desires.

Like water pressure in an apartment building
‘Let me give you an example: if you live on the fifth floor, the water you need has to be pumped up to you, and this necessitates a certain amount of pressure. If you do away with that pressure, the water will not reach all the floors.

But humans do their best to lower the pressure within themselves and reduce it to zero. They cannot endure it. And yet, this force must be allowed to rise through all the floors until it reaches the brain. It is the pressure that causes it to rise so that it can be used.’

Most people squander this energy
‘But as most people continually get rid of it, the result is that they can never make use of it on the higher planes.’

Do not fear this force – the strength of all strengths
It was in this sense that he liked to talk about the beauty of the work achieved by the high initiates, who instead of squandering these energies had learned to use them to create a dazzling light in the brain, a divine elevation of the soul. He himself had chosen celibacy in order to dedicate his life to helping humanity, but he had never feared this force which, in the words of Hermes Trismegistus, he called ‘the strength of all strengths’.

Neither his spirituality nor his behaviour was ever inspired by a repudiation of the sexual force; on the contrary, in his view, the sexual energies with which cosmic intelligence has endowed human beings contain the seeds of evolution and transcendence.

To be continued…

Extracts from the Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Biography, by Louise-Marie Frenette,
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Izvor Book 205, Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon

Complete Works Vol. 14, Love and Sexuality – Part 1


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