Prayer feeds the soul and the spirit

« After a prayer, a moment of meditation, a contact with the light, you may experience a feeling of fulfilment. Externally, objectively, nothing has happened, it looks as if you’ve received nothing, and yet you’re in a state of plenitude. Yes, because your soul and spirit have been nourished, watered. And in these ‘restaurants’ of the soul and spirit, it’s not like it is on the physical plane, where you’re obliged to eat and drink several times a day in order not to be hungry, thirsty and lifeless.

The nourishment you receive in the sublime regions of the soul and spirit satisfies your hunger and quenches your thirst for days on end. For the divine world contains elements of such richness that, if you manage to capture them just once, you never again lose the feeling of plenitude they give you, and nothing can take away the certainty that you have tasted eternity. »

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