Preparing for Sleep, Part 3/5

The importance of the last waking moment
… »Anchor a good thought in your mind when you go to bed and leave it to do its work during the night. Never go to bed with a negative thought in your head, for it will wreak havoc in your subconscious. And what should you do if, before dropping off to sleep, you are suddenly assailed by feelings of anguish or distress? Do not stay in bed; get up, turn on the light and do a few breathing exercises; say a prayer or read something to inspire and encourage you before going back to bed. And if the feeling of distress recurs, get up again and do as before. 

The thing to realize is that you cannot win the battle when you are lying down. You may be afraid of catching cold if you get up and may think that you can perfectly well win a mental battle while remaining snug and warm in bed.
No, you have to be extremely strong to defend yourself when lying down. In a horizontal position one is much weaker and more passive; when one is upright one is stronger and can act with greater freedom. »

« The Master Peter Deunov recommended the following formula to be said at night, before going to bed. Place your open right hand, palm down, on your solar plexus, and the back of your open left hand on your back, on the same level, and say, three times:

God is light within me, My spirit is warmth, I am kindness (3 times)
God is light within me,The angels are warmth, Human beings are kindness (3 times).

You can also pronounce the following formula:
‘My God, let me enrol tonight in your school of love, wisdom, and truth and learn to serve you better, so that your kingdom and your righteousness may be established on earth.’

Pentagramme sleep

Meditate for a few moments and then, with your right hand, trace the outline of a pentagram in the air – as shown below – and then you can go to sleep »…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – A new Earth, Vol.13


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