Preparing for Sleep, Part 4/5

Direction and position
The position you adopt when sleeping is also very important. In the first place, it is preferable to sleep with your head towards the North or the East. Do not sleep face down nor flat on your back, because this causes the body wastes to settle in the spine; nor on the left side because of the heart. The best position is on your right side, because in this way the wastes drain towards the liver, which can then do its work of eliminating them. It does not matter if you change your position in the night, but it is best to start the night lying on your right side.

woman sleeping

Instead of closing your eyes and struggling for hours to get to sleep, make up your mind that you want to stay awake. Get up and work until you feel more peaceful.
Alternatively, you can stay in bed, but with your eyes wide open. Look into the dark with the firm intention of remaining wide awake all night, and you will soon find that you are beginning to drop off. When you notice this, renew your effort to keep your eyes wide open. In this way sleep will not be long in coming to you, whereas if you try to drop off by keeping your eyes closed you will not succeed.

There are other methods you can use as well: one of them is to drink some hot water, and another is to massage your solar plexus with a circular motion, anti-clockwise.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – A new Earth, Vol.13

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