Why do we search for our twin soul?

Every human being has a twin soul, a spirit which is their twin
‘Life exists in the universe, in nature and in man, because of two fundamental principles, which we will call male and female. All creation is the result of the two principles working together; neither one is productive without the other, which is the reason men and women are forever searching for each other.

Every human being has a twin soul, a spirit which is their twin. When we sprang like a spark from the heart of our Creator, we were two in one, that is, two parts that complemented each other perfectly, each one being the other half of the whole. During the course of our evolution, we lost this perfect unity, the two parts divided and separated; this separation of the sexes meant that each one sought their own evolution.

Subconsciously we are searching but we do not understand what we are looking for
So now what we are seeking is in fact the other principle, the one we lack, for nothing is more important than to be united with one’s complementary principle. All problems between men and women are due to the fact they do not understand what they are looking for, what each hopes to find in the other. Men and women are reflections, manifestations of the two principles.

Consciously or unconsciously, all creatures recognize the importance of the two principles. When a man thinks he has found his woman, he is ready to abandon everything to possess her because, without his knowing it, she has what he is lacking, she complements his nature. A king will abdicate his throne and abandon his subjects for a woman… how can she, irresistible as she may be, be more important to him than millions of subjects, a whole army, a royal treasury of fabulous jewels?

It is not the physical person, but the missing principle that we are searching for
Actually it is not the woman, it is the missing, complementary principle that is needed by commoner and king alike… more than anything else in the world. For woman also the complementary principle is essential; she will go against her family, the world’s good opinion and all heaven and earth, to obtain the man she loves.

How can this be wrong, since inscribed in the human heart by the Father and the divine Mother, nature, are the words, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.’ In their heart of hearts, each creature knows that they must find their complement, the part that completes them and makes them whole.

This is always what they are seeking, it is behind everything they do whether it be scientific, philosophical, artistic, religious… they are always seeking the complement of themselves.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Izvor Book 214, Hope for the World
Chapter 2, Reflections of the Two Principles

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