Silence – A silent Room, Final

– Achieving inner silence
If you ask a sage to describe God he will say nothing; his only response will be silence, for silence alone can express the essence of the Deity. We cannot know God by talking or hearing others talk about him; we can only know him by plunging into the depths of our own being and entering that innermost region: the region that is silence. To immerse oneself in silence, therefore, is an activity that lies beyond the scope of the five senses.
To attain the realm of silence is to float in an ocean of light, to live in the intensity and abundance of true life. People sometimes experience this silence after great suffering or a great upheaval in their lives. It is as though the shock of their suffering catapulted them beyond themselves into the realm of the entity known to initiatic science as the ‘silent watcher.


Some of you might say, ‘But this silence you are talking about, this world that lies beyond the world of thoughts and feelings is nothingness, the void. You seem to be telling us to throw ourselves into this void. It’s terrifying.’ From one point of view, it is true, you could call it the void. But don’t be afraid, I have never said that you should throw yourself into it just like that, before you were ready for it. Why should I be less intelligent or more cruel than a mother bird?
What does a mother bird do? She keeps her newly hatched chicks in the nest for as long as necessary, and only when they are fully fledged and capable of flying, does she push them out of the nest; not before. And this is what I do for you: I don’t push you out into the void before you are ready for it. I simply show you, in advance, the work that lies before you and the means you must use to do that work; that’s all.

If it is possible in your house or flat, try to set aside a room, however small, as an oasis of silence. Decorate it with beautiful colours and a few symbolic or mystical pictures and dedicate it to the heavenly Father, the divine Mother, the Holy Spirit and the angels and archangels.
Never let anyone, including yourself, go into it if they are not capable of achieving inner silence in order to listen to the voices of heaven. In this way, you will be giving your soul and spirit a chance to blossom and to receive many heavenly blessings which you can then shower on all the creatures around you.
If you learn to maintain the right attitude, something harmonious will emanate from the walls and objects in the room and attract entities of light, for harmony is their nourishment. If you are sad or discouraged, you will only have to go into that room, and within a few minutes, you will feel completely restored, for it will be full of kind friends who ask nothing better than to console and help you.

But, as you go about making this silent room ready, you must be conscious of the fact that, at the same time, you are making ready a silent room within yourself, in your own soul and heart. In this way, wherever you may be and however tumultuous your circumstances, you will always have that silent room into which you can go to find peace and light. We live at one and the same time in both worlds – the visible and the invisible, the material and the spiritual – and this is why it is good to have this silent room, both in oneself and outside oneself, and to protect it from all malign influences.

I know that what I am saying is not for everybody; it is only for those who, in spite of all they have received in life, are not satisfied, who still feel that something essential is lacking. So, I leave it to you to decide for yourselves. But once you make up your mind to follow the path of silence, you must not worry about how long it will take you to reach the end. The only thing that is essential is your decision to tread this path and to persevere.

Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov,
Izvor 229, The Path of Silence,

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