Our soul is like a seed waiting to germinate

‘All humans have a vague feeling that somewhere there is a place meant for them, and until they find it they feel anxious, dissatisfied and unhappy. You may say, “A place? What kind of place?” When a seed is planted, it germinates, grows and bears fruit. And then it exclaims, “I’ve found my place!” For its true place in life was not in the granary with all those other seeds, getting dried up or risking being eaten by mice or worms. Its place was in the earth.

So many humans are just like seeds in a granary waiting to be sown! They have not found their place; they are not ready to germinate. And yet, they are all destined to find their place, and no one can deprive a human soul of the place God has set aside for them to germinate in spiritual soil.

seed of life

Gardeners have various types of seed, and when they sow them, they can say with complete certainty that lettuces will grow here, radishes there, and so on. And this proves to be the case, because it is a matter of knowledge based on study and experience.

And yet, in their beliefs, many people are like gardeners who expect to harvest something without having sown any seeds, or who sow carrot seeds expecting leeks to grow instead. They expect unrealistic things, because they have not yet acquired the knowledge and experience.

Be assured: you will only reap what you have sown. If we fail where we expected to succeed, it is because we have not sown anything, or because we did not sow the right seeds. This is borne out in all contexts, including in spiritual life.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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