Space is filled with billions of invisible beings

‘Space is filled with billions of invisible entities, many of which are malicious and have sworn to destroy mankind. To be sure, it is also filled with billions of luminous entities that are there to help and protect you, but their help and protection will never be wholly effective if you yourselves do not make the effort to follow the right path. Neither can a Master do anything to protect you if you persist in living unreasonably.

A Master will instruct and enlighten you; he will even try to influence you by means of his own thoughts and feelings, but if you demolish all his good work and open your doors to the entities of darkness by your own recklessness and superficiality, your own lack of goodwill, what can he do about it?

We need to cultivate sensitivity towards these invisible beings

Someone who wishes to make serious progress on the path of evolution, therefore, must begin by cultivating their sensitivity towards the invisible world. But that is no more than a preliminary condition. It is not enough to acknowledge that space and our own beings are inhabited by invisible entities and currents, we also have to exert ourselves and collaborate with them in some constructive work.

Ah, yes… the idea is new to you, isn’t it? You are accustomed to keeping things tidy on the physical plane in your home, at work and even in your own appearance, and this is all to the good. But inwardly, in your thoughts and feelings, everything is in turmoil because you don’t believe that your thoughts and feelings belong to a world that really exists and in which you must also work at keeping things tidy, harmonious and beautiful.

The invisible world is real and must be your first priority

People are willing to go to almost any lengths for what is visible, and in the meantime, the invisible is forgotten and neglected. From now on, your attitude must change. The invisible world is a reality, a reality even more important than the visible world, and this means that it must be your first priority.

Once you concentrate on this inner work you will begin to feel that all the pure, luminous moments you experience bring you into contact with an infinity of other currents, other beings. When you limit your attention to the visible, material world, you limit and impoverish yourself; you yourself become more material.

By forging links with the luminous entities, you will taste divine life

Whereas, when you work with the limitless wealth and immensity of the invisible world, you forge a link between yourself and all those creative forces, all those luminous entities at work among the stars and constellations, all those countless worlds of the universe. You begin to taste divine life.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 228, Looking into the Invisible, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
Chapter 1, The Visible and the Invisible

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Main image courtesy Josephine Wall

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