A strong Aura is a fortress

« Light must be your constant preoccupation. Wherever you may be, as soon as you have a moment’s respite : think of light. When you feel that grief, difficulty or doubt is casting a shadow over your soul : go and talk to the the light about it. Say, ‘Oh, Light, You who are the most intelligent of beings, enter my heart and mind and shine in them.’

And the light will come and make everything bright and clear. If you want to help someone who is in difficulty, send him rays of light, imagine him being penetrated through and through by those rays. And if you, yourself, have a pain, imagine rays of light of different colours streaming from your fingers to the painful spot, and before long you will feel the pain easing. Know that you will be really fit and well only when you have learned to surround yourself with a strong, pure aura containing all the colours of the spectrum. This is the only true medicine. A powerful aura is the best form of protection; it acts as a barrier to shield you from all negative currents and anything that could distress you.

To have a strong aura like that is to be in a fortress; when others all around are ill, alarmed and distressed, a man with a strong aura is never discouraged, never loses his love, because he feels the luminous presence which dwells in him and makes him capable of helping others. »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – Izvor book 212  ‘Life is a Living Spirit »


  1. Liping Feng 11/01/2014 at 13:52 - Reply

    Thank you for posting such precious wisdom.
    Love, Peace & Luminous Blessings <3, L

    • Valerie Unite 11/01/2014 at 14:18 - Reply

      Thank you so much dear Liping Feng. We send you many blessings, light and love and are wishing you a luminous and inspiring day!

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