How we should talk to God, Part 7/7

Have a conversation with Him- ‘Now, as I very well know, there are times when you feel that you have been cast aside, that you have nothing to hold on to, that all your ties with the Lord are broken and the spring has dried up, then I advise you to have a conversation with the Lord.

What to tell the Lord
Tell him, ‘Lord, you have cast me off, you have rejected and abandoned me. As you can see, I am in revolt because you have discarded me. What do you want me to do? I am stuck! I have chosen the path of light and I cannot turn round and go back. Sometimes I wish I could; sometimes I think I should switch to another path and go and join the unbelievers, but I cannot do it.

However badly you treat me I know that this path is the best. So do what you like, but I cannot change. Even if I am wounded, miserable and ill, I must go on. Even if I am furious and in revolt, I cannot go any other way. For me there is no other way! However much it hurts, I shall just have to continue.’

If you talk to the Lord in this way he will hear you
Words of this kind are the only ones he hears—and he will instruct his servants to come and help you. He always has time for messages of this nature. He declares, ‘Make a note of this person’s name for they are the most intelligent of creatures. They are disgruntled and unhappy and yet they refuse to try a different path. We must take care of them.’

Yes, you must talk like that to the Lord. Why have you never prayed like that? You prefer to threaten him instead! You say, ‘If you treat me so badly I shall refuse to believe in you any longer. This is the end! I refuse to do anything more for you—not even light a candle!’

Speak to God with familiarity, but tell him there is no other way and you cannot go back
There is nothing worse than to think or say to the Lord, ‘I have had enough!’ Believe me, the best remedy is to go and talk to him, to weep and gnash your teeth and tell him how unkind he is and how unhappy you are. Tell him that you had relied on him and now he has let you down!

Yes, tell him all that; but when you have had your say do not forget to add, ‘The only thing is that there is no other way, I know that. I cannot go back. So whatever happens I shall continue to believe in you and to serve you.’ Speak to God with great familiarity if you like, he will not take offence, but be sure to conclude your prayer in this way, for, I repeat, this is the best, the only solution.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science
Chapter 2. The True Religion of Christ

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