The Animal Kingdom, the Kitten

– « I’m going to tell you a secret…
« I’m going to tell you a secret. Not so long ago, in Switzerland, our group had a meeting in Villeneuve, close to here. We were sitting in a field, in silence. All around us, there were oaks and cherry trees covered with fruit. I was offered to sit under a tree and I chose a cherry tree.
During our silence, some extraordinary things happened. All credit to the Swiss group which, by its ardour, its fervour, its love, had attracted elevated entities from higher hierarchies.

We spent five hours together, without even noticing the time going by. We were in bliss, a rare happiness. During the meeting, a little kitten arrived, and then another after it. The first one was so cute, so nice, and so beautiful! Without any invitation, it climbed the trunk of the cherry tree and came to sit on my shoulder. It nestled there, and from there, it looked at the brothers and sisters with great kindness. It then moved to another place and remained quietly with us without moving. You know that I pay attention to any incidents that occur.
So I studied this matter of the kitten, wondering why it came here to be with us and what role it had. We were far from any houses so why had it come here, what had attracted it? There was a dog with us, that a brother was holding with a leash.

Oma and cat

And here is the answer I received to the question I had asked myself. You may not believe me, but it is true. And it does not matter whether you believe it or not. It is a school here, and one day in the future, you will have confirmation of what is said. As for you, the Swiss people, I am sure you cannot get away from the fact that the meeting was unforgettable and that we experienced higher states of mind, as never before. When you experience a day like this, you cannot deny that we were in peace, in harmony, in bliss.

Coming back to the kitten. Why did it come to us? Here’s why: it came because, one way or another, we managed to receive the blessings of our very elevated friends from above. These friends came, they poured on us their vibrations, and the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom and the human kingdom were present, but the animal kingdom was missing from the chain of hierarchies attending our gathering.
All the spirits of all the elements were there, active, and the little kitten came. The kitten was sent from above. It served as a radio transmitter to send the message of this harmony to the kingdom of the animals, and for their good.

What I can tell you could appear incredible. But this little kitten has launched the Teaching of the Brotherhood to the animal Kingdom. You still do not know much about the role of animals. How often they are watching you and saying, « those humans are animals. Let’s pretend we do not to understand, let us play stupid to be able to observe them!”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
French version original text, an excerpt from the Master’s Lecture,
Switzerland, August 4, 1958.

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