The Invisible – Clairvoyance, Part 3/7

A true initiate is a magus rather than a clairvoyant; they are concerned with acting on other beings, on the elements and the forces of nature. They may have gifts of receptivity, but, more importantly, they have powers of action; this is why they are less vulnerable than a clairvoyant. Being active and dynamic, they project forces capable of counteracting any dangers that may threaten them. Perfection, of course, lies in developing both aspects to the full: to be both passive and emissive.

Each of us can only attract to ourself the currents and entities that have an affinity with our own inner state. This is a law: a human being can relate only to that which corresponds to their vibrations, to their aura; if they are not pure, luminous and strong, therefore, they will have to suffer the impact of all that is negative, unhealthy and violent in their psychic environment.

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People such as mediums, who are receptive and passive, are particularly vulnerable in this respect; this is why I advise you, if you have mediumistic tendencies, not to give them a free rein until you have worked to achieve a degree of purity and inner elevation sufficient to enable you to withstand attack by the forces of darkness.  Begin by making the effort to rise to a higher plane, to create a bond with light and to project that light round about you: once you sense that you are capable of doing this, and not before, you can let yourself go and become receptive, because, then, you will be protected by the work you have done to prepare yourself, and by all the light that radiates from you and repulses undesirable entities.

Whatever you want to do in life you have to begin by seeing that the conditions are right. If you really want to communicate with heaven, start by making the effort to reach the peak of your own inner beingRemain there as long as possible, tasting the intensity of life at that level, then, after a few moments – for it is difficult to sustain this intensity for long – let yourself go, let yourself be borne away on light as though you were floating on the calm surface of the ocean, thinking of nothing… feeling almost nothing.

And when you are obliged to come back to the mundane tasks of daily life, you will feel that those spiritual elements have restored and harmonized every part of you. You can feel that your will to work and your desire to help and love others are strengthened, and this is a sensation that cannot lie. There: it is very simple, very clear.
To be continued…

Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 228, Looking into the Invisible, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams

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