The Over-Soul – a case of ‘love at first sight’, Final 3/3

– Meeting your divine soul is an encounter between two true twin souls
I do not know if you have read this essay by Emerson and, if you have read it, what effect it had on you. I have often advised people to read it, and they have all found it interesting, no more than interesting, and I was astonished.

The experience I had was my experience, and if I talk to you about it, it is not to impress you, but to make you aware that you, too, have a higher soul – other philosophers call it the higher self. For the time being, you perhaps have no awareness of this soul within you, but if you think of it, love it, try to enter into contact with it, if you ask for its help, little by little you will feel it drawing closer to you. Otherwise, you know, its true abode is so high and far away that it will not be concerned with you. You may have difficulties and suffer, but it will not be anxious, it will not suffer, it is calm. Only if you turn towards your soul, if you call it, will it deign to look at you.

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You will say, ‘But how can that be so? It is my soul and yet it does nothing for me?’ Why do you want it to do something for you when you make no attempt even to discover what it is? Understand me well, the soul that I am speaking of is of a different nature from the psychic principle that is usually called the soul but which is, in truth, the astral body, the body of feelings, emotions, sensations, desires and passions; this soul, which we can call the lower soul, shares our daily life, is troubled, suffers and cries out. But what I am speaking to you about is your divine soul, which is pure light, knows neither trouble nor suffering and is very high and very far away; this is the soul we must strive to reach. The day that is achieved, what follows is the same phenomenon we call ‘love at first sight’.

Two people meet, and at that moment there is a kind of lightning flash, and that is all it takes; it is as if their souls are soldered, welded together. It is nothing at all like a love which grows gradually; even if this love is steady, deep and long-lasting, it cannot be compared with love at first sight. You will say that some experiences of love at first sight are no more than a flash in the pan. Yes, of course, but what I am talking about is the encounter between two true twin souls.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
A Living Book, Autobiographical Reflections, Vol. 1, Chapter 5

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