The Rewards of Love

Whatever happens, never forget human beings are your brothers and sisters, and look for ways to help them and show them your love without expecting anything in return. Because, really, you already have your reward in the inner expansion and warmth that pervades you when you love. That is a great reward, there is no greater one in life. For then your heart is like a river, a spring of living water.

Humans always expect to be rewarded for the good they have done. But those who have understood the secret of love don’t expect anything in return, they don’t even think they can be given anything, for they already taste a happiness beyond anything they could have imagined. As they are not lacking anything, they don’t expect anything; they swim in joy, they are radiant, and in this way they gain the confidence of many friends. Where will you find a greater reward than that?

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Izvor Book 242, The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy

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