The sun, ‘Land of the Living’, Part 2/7

When we gaze at the sun, even if we do not know it, our soul assumes the same shape and becomes a luminous, incandescent sphere. It is the law of imitative magic that is taking effect; we look at the sun and our whole being begins to resemble it.

Remember that since the sun is the centre of the solar system, when you look at it you are drawing closer to your own centre which, although you have lost touch with it, is still there within you. When you gaze at the sun your soul begins to resemble it and assumes the same shape.

So there you have the explanation of why it is beneficial to attend the sunrise. If you continue to come up here each morning, with great love and devotion, you will begin to understand that the sun is really someone wonderful. Yes, yes, I assure you, he is a very distinguished person, beautifully dressed, very rich, and completely selfless. He is perfect in fact.

Before long I intend to explain how you should look at the sun, and exactly what it is. For it is a whole, vast world that contains living beings, dwellings, palaces, trees, cities and oceans – a world with a culture that is beyond anything you can imagine.


It is the loveliest of lands, the ‘land of the living’, which is spoken of in the Bible: ‘I will walk before the Almighty in the land of the living.’  ‘The living’ are the immortal, eternal beings who dwell permanently in light. The sun is their home, and it is they who send us light. The sun is the most marvellous of worlds, peopled with angels, archangels and divinities, who go to and fro, to work in each one of the planets and help the creatures who inhabit them before returning once more to the sun. It is all very highly organized. In fact, some of these extremely beautiful, intelligent and powerful beings often come to visit us on earth.

If you really practise it with all your heart you cannot help but benefit from it, for the sun is the most substantial and most indispensable nourishment for our times.

In the future, everyone will go to the sun for strength, warmth, love and courage. Other sources of energy will be abandoned because they are already beginning to run out, and men will turn to the one inexhaustible source. We shall light our cities, heat our houses and travel round the world thanks to solar energy. We shall even be nourished by sunlight, food will be made from it.

Try to think about the sun, rather than about all the things that pull you towards the periphery, turn your steps towards the sun, towards unity, simplicity and light.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works 10, The Splendour of Tipharet

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