Our Thoughts and Feelings are Living Beings

‘The first point of cosmic moral law which I explained to you two days ago, was the law of cause and effect. This is the law that states that we reap only what we have sown and I told you that it was drawn from the lesson of agriculture. Yesterday, I showed you that, just as we are obliged to sort the good from the bad, on the physical level, and choose some things and discard others, we have to exercise the same discrimination in respect to thoughts and feelings and accept some and reject others.

We can consider that these two irrefutable points are now clear… So we come, now, to a third point of cosmic moral law which is particularly important because it concerns one of man’s most essential activities – creation.

You will certainly have noticed that I always base my teaching on something concrete and tangible – stones, plants and animals, for instance, or human beings and the way they live and behave – rather than on abstract, philosophical, metaphysical notions. I do this because it is not a good teaching method to start with something abstract, it is always preferable to start from concrete, visible, tangible reality and work up to the level of abstraction. So, if I always begin by taking you for a stroll on earth, it is because, to my mind, this is the best starting point.

Thoughts are living beings

All the thoughts and feelings that take shape in the minds of human beings, whether they are conscious of this or not, are living beings, and those who bring them into existence nourish them invisibly, every day, with their own emanations. At the moment of death, some people actually see and recognize these beings as their own children and, although they may try to flee from them, they cannot shake them off. This is why we must learn to focus on light, every single day, and renew our ties with our Maker as often as possible, for it is these ties that will deliver us from the monstrous creatures that ignorance has led us to create.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Vol. 12, Cosmic Moral Law,
Chapter 3, Creative Activity as a Means of Evolution

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