The Three Great Laws of Magic –  The Law of Echo, Post 7/7

The Cosmos is an immense sounding Board- 
Everything in life can be studied from several different points of view: physical, chemical, astronomical, political, financial and so on, and each point of view is valid. But until you study things from the point of view of magic you cannot know the one thing that really matters.

All the actions of human beings, their looks, gestures and words, are magic. But unfortunately, very few people are aware of the effects they produce; they gesticulate, throw black looks and say all kinds of negative things, without realizing that the cosmos is an immense sounding board and that all their manifestations bounce off it and come back to strike them. If you are surrounded by mountains and you shout, ‘I love you!,’ you will hear the echo, ‘I love you, love you, love you.’

And the same phenomenon occurs in every area of our lives: every cause followed by an effect. This is what we call the Law of Echo.

The waves often affect people very far away
The consequences of our actions are not felt immediately; they begin by affecting other people, our family and friends, for instance. Sometimes, in fact, they affect people who are very far away and whom we don’t even know but who receive the waves produced by our thoughts, feelings and actions. Let me give you another example, that of Gravesande’s experiment which is, I am sure, familiar to you all.

The first ball at the end is pulled out and then allowed to fall back into place where, of course, it strikes the second ball. But then something astonishing happens: that second ball and all the other balls in the row except the last one remain motionless; the last ball swings out at an angle from its original position. This fact is very important: it is the last ball in the series that suffers the effects of the shock and swings out, whereas all the others remain motionless, acting simply as transmitters.

An event in one country may be felt in another – but which one?
This law applies in many areas of our lives. The different countries and social groups in the world represent a row of balls linked together in a system; if one of them commits a crime, which ball will be made to swing out of line? In other words, which one will suffer the consequences? The last one of the series. But we do not know which is the last one.

And the effects we feel today may be an echo from previous incarnations
This means that all our misfortunes come from faults we have committed in the past, whether in this life or in a previous incarnation: the effects we are feeling today are simply the echo. Anyone who has the time to study the question and verify it for themselves will be obliged to recognize that this is an infallible law. Do you want to be loved? All you have to do is love. One who loves triggers kindred forces in the universe, and one day, these forces will come back to them. Even if they wanted to avoid them, they could not do so: everyone will love them.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 226, The Book of Divine Magic
Chapter Eleven: The Three Great Laws of Magic

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  1. Chef Jemichel 10/28/2016 at 21:55 - Reply

    I searched for further reference on « Gravesande’s experiment » however every result I’ve seen so far all speak of  » »s Gravesande’s ring » instead. Does this device have another name or inventor associated with it?

    • John 11/09/2016 at 23:10 - Reply

      Dear Chef, Newton’s Cradle is the name of this apparatus. You are right, Willem ‘s Gravesande is indeed known for his ball and ring apparatus. He lived at the same time as Isaac Newton and in fact they met when Willem ‘s Gravesande travelled to England. Gravesande and Chatelet subsequently corrected Isaac Newton’s formula E = mv to E = mv², and thus synthesized the first version of the conservation of energy.

  2. Sam 10/28/2016 at 22:27 - Reply

    Thank you so much for this series of posts from The Book of Divine Magic – I am so looking forward to reading the whole book. The way Master Omraam continually demonstrates divine messages with clear observable examples from our everyday lives is truly what helps us to believe in all the real magic that surrounds us, and that we are all continually an active part of. ?

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