Our two natures will be united sooner or later, Part 3/7

‘The higher and lower natures in a human being are not really separate. The individuality keeps trying to bring its good influence to bear upon the personality but, since the personality is interested only in being free and independent, it listens only to itself and seldom obeys the higher impulses.

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Although it is vivified, fed and sustained by the individuality, it remains opposed to it, and will continue to be so until the individuality finally is able to control the personality completely. Once the personality gives in and is submissive and obedient, at one with the individuality, it will be a marriage, the only real marriage, the true love.

Joining both ends of the trinity will take place sooner or later
In esoteric science this union is described as ‘joining both ends’. The personality with three heads, like Cerberus, the dog guarding the entrance to hell, is at one end, and the individuality, the Trinity of our divine nature is at the other end. The longed-for fusion, union or marriage, is bound to take place sooner or later in every case, but when it will be is difficult to know, for no two people are alike.

This is the goal of the methods and exercises offered by an initiatic school
In the meanwhile, the task of the disciple is to learn, as they experience the trials and tribulations of life, to submit the personality to the individuality, becoming the willing servant and the instrument of the divine Will within themself. That is the goal, the aim of all the instruction, methods and exercises offered by an initiatic school. Most people however, would rather bow to the capricious demands of the personality, rebellious, self-centred, anarchistic as it is, because they are convinced that is the attitude to have in order to evolve.

Some people receive divine help
People who are more intelligent and advanced, who have lived through many experiences in their numerous incarnations, prefer the way of self-control, self-mastery and the loftier qualities of the individuality. Thanks to their willingness to obey the higher Intelligence, or thanks to the Light within if you prefer, they receive divine help in overcoming the chaos and anarchy of their instinctive nature. The divine Will manifests itself through them, expressing Itself in the celestial colours, forms, rays, fragrances, and music that surround them.

For others, their higher level of consciousness is still a product of the personality
The question is, when we know what to do in order to become liberated and we know how to gain complete control over ourselves and progress in our evolution, why do so many of us give in to the personality and allow ourselves to be carried away by it… why? Because of the fact that even when we choose a higher level of consciousness, it may still be a product of the personality!’

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Vol. 11, The Key to the Problems of Existence
Chapter 1, The Personality

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