Variety in Life is in the Forms, not the Principles, Part 3/7

Rudolf Steiner’s prediction-
‘You must know how to have variety in your life, but variety in the forms, not in the principles. You must always adhere to the same principles, always be animated by the same love, the same light, the same nobility, the same ideal; but you must not always manifest them in the same way. What an extraordinary thing the Universal White Brotherhood is! What extraordinary power it has to vivify and exalt us, to fill us with awe, wonder and enthusiasm!

The great clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner saw this. He said, ‘When I have gone, someone else will appear whose work will be marked by enthusiasm.’ The keynote of Steiner’s work was not enthusiasm; it was philosophy, science. I know nothing about either philosophy or science—or anything else for that matter—but I am capable of firing you with enthusiasm.

Opposite Poles – spirit and matter – principles and forms
And now, in conclusion, always remember that everything in life is the product, the result of the relation between the two opposite poles: spirit and matter, principles and forms. Human beings are not capable of living only with principles; they need the support of forms.

The spirit incarnates in the form of a body in order to manifest itself here on the physical plane. When it returns to the higher regions it no longer needs this form, but here on earth it does need it. The thing to remember though is that the form cannot last long.

Now and then heaven sends a great master to change the forms
God has not given eternal life to forms. This is why heaven sends an initiate or a great master every now and then to change the forms. Yes, but forms only; never the principles. The principles are unchangeable because they are the spirit, the soul, the virtues; they are love, wisdom, truth and sacrifice. These principles are immutable; they will be valid for all eternity.’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science
hapter 1, Forms and Principles

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