What knowledge is most useful?

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The little boat went farther and farther out to sea and, before long, a violent storm blew up and the waves threatened to engulf them. ‘Your Honour,’ cried the boatman; ‘Do you know how to swim?’ ‘No, I don’t.’ replied the scholar. ‘Well, Sir,’ exclaimed the boatman; ‘That’s four quarters of your life gone to waste!’

You see? There are some kinds of knowledge which are not very useful. They are nothing more than decorations. Oh, to be sure, they can be used to earn money, but if a storm comes along you will soon see if they can help you to swim! Life is an ocean, as you very well know, and in that ocean there are some kinds of knowledge which are much more useful than others: the knowledge that can help a man to live.

What direction to give to our life; which high ideal to choose; how to transform the thoughts and feelings that disturb us; how to interpret the events taking place around us; how to ascertain our relations with the macrocosm; how to eat, sleep, wash and breathe… how to love: these are the things we need to know.

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You will tell me that there is nothing more important than science. But there is: we must learn to be grateful to God. To give thanks to the Lord every day and be pleased with what he gives you is to possess the secret magic capable of transforming your whole life. When you are grateful, light and love increase within you and your actions are enhanced. You look at the world with other eyes and, one day, you will find that others open their hearts to you because you radiate light and joy. Those who meet you will feel drawn to you and God will touch their hearts and help you through them. They will say, ‘What a wonderful person that is? I’d like to do something to help them.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works, Vol 1, The Second Birth, Love, Wisdom, Truth
Chapter 2, Ask and it will be given to you


  1. Sam 02/09/2016 at 21:25 - Reply

    I find all of his teachings so deeply moving, but this particular piece of advice is definitely one of my favourites. It has meant a lot to me in my personal journey. Thank you!

  2. Valerie Unite 02/09/2016 at 21:31 - Reply

    Thank you dear Samantha! We love it too, it is so deep, soft and reassuring in some way.
    We will be in touch soon. Thank you fo being here 🙂

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