Women are the mothers of the kingdom of God 

« How is a child formed in its mother’s womb? The father provides the seed, and for nine months she enfolds it in matter, giving it a body. It is the same on the spiritual plane.

A Master, an initiate, can give a seed, a sublime idea, and for this idea to be incarnated he will need women to bring substance to it. This is provided by the etheric particles, the fluids, they emanate.

The body exists first in the invisible, but if you concentrate on it, if you feed it and work on it, it gradually descends until it becomes an almost visible and tangible reality. You will say you have never heard such an unlikely theory.  This is how it may seem to you, yet it is true. When women, as a collective body, are willing to be fertilized by the idea of the kingdom of God on earth as foretold by Jesus, they will provide the substance needed to achieve it. »

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