Work on your Aura to attract celestial entities

Celestial entities love the light, and, when they catch sight of someone who is surrounded by this light which initiatic Science calls the aura, they rush to them.

If I ask you, ‘Do you really long for love, peace, health and beauty?’ you will all reply, ‘Oh, yes! We want nothing but this!’ But what are you doing to obtain them? These blessings cannot come to you simply by chance. The best way to attract them is to work on your aura: vivify it by your love, illuminate it by your wisdom, make it powerful by your strength of character, and make it clear and transparent by your purity.

Even if you do no concentration exercises to develop the colors of your aura, simply working within to nourish the divine virtues will attract the beautiful colors they correspond with. Not only do celestial creatures come to bathe in it but also human beings around you, will feel nourished, calmed, strengthened and transported in a divine direction.

Extract from a lecture given on July, 31 1983

How we can improve our aura for the good of those around us and help the whole of the universe.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor book 219, Man’s Subtle Bodies & Centres


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