We all work Black or White Magic every day, Part 1/7

Do we practice white or black magic?
Many people are alarmed at the sound of the word ‘Magic’. And yet, every single one of us works magic; in fact all day long, we do nothing else.

But we imagine that to work magic means to perform strange ceremonies, wear bizarre clothes, murmur incantations or pronounce spells and strange formulas and manipulate a collection of weird and wonderful objects. Well, that is where we are mistaken.

All our acts are a form of Black or White Magic
Magic is the whole of our existence. All our acts (and this includes every gesture we make as well as our words and looks) and all our feelings and thoughts are acts of magic. Everything that humans are capable of doing on the three planes – physical, astral and mental – is magic.

And it depends on whether what they do is good or evil, whether it is constructive or destructive, whether it creates or destroys harmony, that they manifest themselves as a white or a black magician. The problem is that human beings are too ignorant to know what category they come into, what it is that they actually do.

The difference between Black and White Magic
To be sure, as most people’s acts are neither wholly white nor wholly black magic, they are not really potent enough to be either kind of magic. But this does not make it any less true to say that every man and every woman is a magician.

When you have bad thoughts and feelings it is a form of black magic, for you are defiling and disintegrating something, and according to the laws of the universe, anything that produces negative effects is classed as black magic. And whatever harmonizes, constructs, embellishes and illumines is classed as white magic.

So, instead of being alarmed at the mere mention of magic, people would do far better to become aware of the importance of everything they do.

The emanations of a Magus make it possible for spirits to take form on the physical plane
A magus is a medium; he provides the raw material which the spirits need to be in touch with the physical world and to be able to act upon it. The nature of the medium’s intentions and activities determines the nature of the fluids emanating from him, and it is these fluids that make it possible for the spirits to take form and act on the physical plane.

Black Magic attracts evil spirits
The mere presence of a being who is animated by criminal intentions is enough to attract swarms of spirits eager to use the matter emanating from them in order to do their evil work. It is not they who actually do evil, but they provide the means, the matter to be used by others.

White magic invites luminous spirits
On the other hand, a white magus provides raw materials that can be used by luminous spirits to bring blessings wherever they go. Do you want to work for the light? Do you really want to work for good? If so, the matter that emanates from you is pure and the spirits of the invisible world will come and gather it, exactly as bees gather nectar from flowers in order to make honey.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 226, The Book of Divine Magic
Chapter 10, We all work Magic


  1. Chef Jemiche; 10/17/2016 at 13:03 - Reply

    Very true!
    However, i would like to see a definition for « magic » included with this message. One of my agreements is to not make assumptions and especially regarding what people say. Did Omraam ever define the term?

    • John 10/18/2016 at 07:01 - Reply

      Thank you for this question. The Master avoided definitions of spiritual principles and concepts. His style was to provide many examples from daily life. We hope these posts help. If not this book has many more examples.

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