Works of art lovelier than their creator, Part 5/5

‘A human creator who wishes to produce an immortal, unforgettable masterpiece, must not make the mistake of so many contemporary artists and remain on the level of the five senses. It is the fashion, in modern art, to portray the most mundane realities of everyday life.

Most artists do not know how to rise to the contemplation of sublime beauty; they have nothing but platitudes and monstrosities, ‘gargoyles,’ to put before the public because they have lost the secret of true creativity.

Creating a child or a work of art
So this, then, is the third point of cosmic moral law: if you want to free yourself from all the difficulties that beset you and become a true creator, you must unite yourself with the Godhead. In this way you will receive something divine, some minute, divine particles which you can, then, communicate to your creations.

Whatever you create in this manner, whether it be a child or a work of art, will be far lovelier and more intelligent than you, its creator. What unimagined vistas and vast, unexplored horizons open before you when you see prayer, meditation and contemplation as a relationship of communion and exchange with higher levels of being and a means of creation.

An entire lifetime will not be sufficient…
When you understand this, the possibilities that open up before you are so immense that your whole lifetime will not be sufficient to explore them all.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Volume 12, Cosmic Moral Law
Chapter 3, Creative activity as a means of evolution

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