La Science Initiatique – La Science de l’Esprit

La Science Initiatique – La Science de l’Esprit2017-08-04T11:10:51+02:00

The SynoSphere – Spirituality applied in the modern world

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s Teaching explains the ancient principles of Initiatic Science, as they apply to the modern world, using everyday language, understandable to all. It describes the cosmic laws governing both the universe and the human being, the macrocosm and microcosm, and the exchanges that constantly take place between them.

Initiatic Science explains how the universe is constructed and how everything within it is connected. It describes three worlds: the divine world which is the level of ideas, the psychic world which is the level of thoughts and feelings, and finally the physical world, the world of forms and materialization. Read More…

It is a true science, like modern-day Physics, based on laws and principles, and what sets this Teaching apart is its structure, clarity and completeness.

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The SynoSphere groups the thousands of lectures under twelve major themes. The icons below provide a 1-page summary of each theme, with links to related posts, books and free video extracts, subtitled in English.

To read the SynoSphere, start at the top and proceed clockwise to take a spiritual approach – from the inside out – to understand the human being and the exchanges that take place with nature and the universe.

Or, if you prefer a scientific approach – from the outside in – then proceed anti-clockwise to understand the universe, the laws and principles of Cosmic Intelligence and how they affect human beings.

This link describes the origins of the teaching which were entirely oral.

Continuing an Oral Tradition