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The purpose of this popular Programme is to provide an introduction to the key concepts of the teaching of the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, including ‘Life in an Initiatic School’.

The Programme runs over a period of six months in Groups of 8-12 participants. It is a wonderful way to meet others with similar interests, in a safe environment.

Each Group has a private area on this website with course materials, on-line Chat and a Forum for reflection and exchange of ideas.

We have existing groups for the Americas and Asia-Pacific time zones, and will soon be starting a Europe-UK group in response to requests from this zone. Please contact us if you would like to join a group, or if you have any questions about the programme.

The Programme is currently in English and comprises two streams that run in parallel:

    • A monthly Webinar with pre-reading from a key area of the teaching. In each session, group members are invited to share a transformational thought from the reading
    • Day-by-Day practice of the methods taught by the Master, recommended before visiting a Teaching Centre

Even if you do not plan to visit a Teaching Centre, the Programme will provide the basis for introducing the teaching into your daily life.

The sequence of the topics covered is shown below but may vary depending on the interests of the Group. Please see ‘Where to Start?’ for suggestions for other ways to explore the Master’s fascinating and inspiring teaching.

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Course Outline Series 1

The course covers topics from the following books:

Day-by- Day – Practical, On-line Group Discussion (During Series 1)

Chapters from Complete Works Book 13, A New Earth

Course Outline Series 2

(for those who already attended Series 1 last year)

The course covers topics from the following books:

Course Outline Series 3

(for those who have already attended Series 1 and 2)

The course for 2016 covers topics from the following books:

Dates may be adjusted to suit the needs of attendees.