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A universal philosophy both simple and profound

Oma photo‘What I want to do is to explain to you, as simply as possible, the great truths on which human beings can base their existence and thanks to which they can improve their lives and their relations with nature and the beings of the Divine world. And I have promised myself to explain things in very clear, simple language, illustrated with plenty of examples and comparisons, even though I know that this may mean that I shall not be taken seriously: I shall be seen as one who regales his listeners with childish ideas and stories and never quotes any of the recognized authorities.

My way of teaching you is not that of a Master, for you are sons and daughters of God, and this means that all science and all knowledge are already in your possession.

But by talking together of these things, we bring to the surface all that we already knew, long, long ago, when we first came from the bosom of the eternal Lord. This is what we shall try to do when we are together.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Teaching based on a philosophy of universality and brotherhood

The teaching is not a religion, instead it explains the eternal truths that have existed as a common thread through all philosophies, spiritual traditions and religions, but adapted for the new millennium. It encourages a philosophy of universality and brotherhood, with the ultimate promise of unity, harmony and peace in the world, health and happiness for mankind, and respect for nature and planet earth. Where to start…

From 1938 until 1986, the Spiritual Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gave over 5000 lectures, presenting the eternal principles reflected in all the major philosophies and world religions in a unified and contemporary form. Originally they were recorded in shorthand or or on audiotape, and from 1982 onwards on video. Presented in a practical and engaging way, the teaching helps us to understand the meaning of our life and difficulties, to draw closer to God and to penetrate the deeper mysteries of the universe. Read more in; Continuing an Oral Tradition.

Originally given in French, the lectures have been transcribed and published in nearly 100 books, which have now been translated into over 35 languages.

The teaching offers a science and methods that enable us to use all the potential of our heart, mind, soul, spirit, as well as the forces of our sexuality and instinctive nature, in the quest for self-transformation.

The 12 major themes of the teaching are summarised in the diagram of the SynoSphere.

Unlike past spiritual practices of both East and West, the aim of this teaching is not primarily to save our own soul or reach a state of nirvana while withdrawing from the challenges of the world, but rather to transform ourselves and the planet with the luminous powers of the spirit, for the well-being and happiness of the global community.

It proposes an Alternative Paradigm for the New Millennium, with the ultimate goal of creating a magnificent future for the whole of humanity, The Golden Age,  or in Christian symbology, the Kingdom of God on earth.

The importance of ‘Making a Start’

The Master said we have a lifetime to understand the many aspects of the spiritual life, but the important thing is to make a start; “to get down to work: we will understand as we go along”. Once we make a start, it is our guides in the invisible world who will show us the way.