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Life can be seen as a process of acquiring knowledge. We try to connect with rich or educated people, or pretty women, but what happens next because of this knowledge, we do not know. We also read numerous books to expand our knowledge, and these can sometimes be poisons that transform life into hell. Why is it that we want to know and to learn? Very often, there is a curiosity motive: we think we are gaining something, and it is the opposite that happens. A fly looks curiously at a cobweb, it wants to know what it is, it does not realise that at the centre of this silken web is another being, very intelligent and very wise, who built it. If it ventures there, the fly will get to know the spider and its web very well, but it will lose everything. The artist who constructed this trap will be delighted, but it will be the end of the fly! Existence is therefore filled with cobwebs and traps waiting for us. It is not good to touch, feel and taste everything under the pretext of knowing it.