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Past Life

“I will show you that nothing makes sense without reincarnation: nothing in life, nothing in religion. Ask a priest or pastor who they believe decides that one person should be rich, handsome, intelligent, strong and successful in everything they undertake, and another one sickly, ugly, poor and miserable and stupid: they will answer that it is the Will of God. They may add all kinds of explanations about grace and predestination but that doesn’t make it any clearer. They still say it all boils down to one thing: the Will of God.”

‘I ask you to use the mind God gave you and to decide if this reasoning makes sense!

Master your destiny

Do you want to know where you will go when you leave the earth? It is simple: you will be naturally drawn to those regions that have been the focus of your desires all your life.

reincarnationIf you use your energies to ask for intelligence, love and beauty and also to embody them this lifetime, you can be absolutely certain there is no force that can prevent you from going to find them in the regions your heart longs for.

Those who try to live each day in keeping with the divine laws make contact with the spirits of light, which come to settle in them: the spirits, attracted by them, join with them in their work. Later, when these people leave the earth, when their physical body disintegrates and all the particles that make it up return to the four elements, they will find themselves in the next world in the company of the spirits they have attracted.

In this way, each one of you, without knowing it, and without yet knowing the friends who will be there with you, is working to create the society you will be part of in the world beyond. That is the explanation for what religions have called hell and heaven.

In fact, the destiny of a human being is determined by the nature of their needs. For example, if you need alcohol and drugs, if you need to frequent night- clubs every night or to spend your time gambling, your destiny is already traced out for you in advance: moral degradation, financial ruin and possibly prison.

And if you need to contemplate divine beauty or to spread peace and light all around you, there, too, it is self-evident: you will be rewarded with happiness and fulfilment. How is it that people have never noticed that every need or wish, every desire they harbour, sets them on to corresponding rails which lead automatically either to regions infested with hornets, snakes and wild beasts from which none escape intact or, on the contrary, to regions of brightness and splendour and boundless joy? Human beings determine their own destination by their own inclinations, tastes and desires.

Everything in our lives is recorded

All events in our lives are filed on the Akashic record and, in the end, when a person dies and goes over to the other side, the heavenly entities they meet do not even ask, ‘How have you lived? What have you done? Did you help or comfort anyone, did you guide anyone towards the Eternal Fountainhead?’ They never question a human being because they know in advance that they would lie!

No, they take a tiny reel of film from them, put it on their projectors and let them see it for themselves. You will think that this is impossible. Not at all! Every one of us has a tiny reel, an atom, lodged at the point of his heart and which contains a recording of every detail of his life.

Every bad thought, even if it only passes through your mind, leaves an imprint on you which will be with you for all eternity, all the more so because once a negative imprint has been made there is a tendency for it to become a pattern, a stereotype, which repeats itself over and over again indefinitely. I have often talked to you about this and explained how you can create new patterns in yourself which will end by replacing the old bad habits acquired in the past.

Law recording

Christianity and Reincarnation

Christians believed in reincarnation until the fourth century, as did the Jews, Egyptians, Indians, Tibetans, etc. But no doubt the Church Fathers said to themselves that this belief gave people too much time, they were improving too slowly, and if the idea of reincarnation was eliminated they would make more rapid progress for they would think that they had only one life in which to become perfect!

Gradually the Church invented more and more horrors in order to frighten people into obedience, so that by the Middle Ages all they believed in was devils, Hell and everlasting damnation! Belief in reincarnation was abolished so that fear and dread would force people to live better lives, but the result was that not only did they not improve, they became worse and worse – and ignorant to boot!

We must get back to this belief. Without it nothing is true, nothing in life makes sense, and God is a monster of cruelty!’

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