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Humans have two different natures, the lower nature (human), and the higher nature (divine), both endowed with faculties enabling them to think, feel and act, but in opposite directions. I have called these two natures the personality (Lower Self) and the individuality (Higher Self). What we must understand first of all is that even if the Lower Self is indeed different from the Higher Self, it nevertheless has its origins above, in the Spirit.


This diagram shows the lower and higher nature (Higher Self), or the personality, and uses terms from the Eastern spiritual tradition to refer to the different subtle bodies constituting both natures. Read more…

“You must realize that your life on earth is one long sleep full of dreams. One day, when you wake up, you will say, ‘My God, how could I have believed all that was true?’ But now, while you are here, you have to work, to learn what matter is, even if you have to acknowledge, when you return to the other world, that reality was not to be found here.


We are only a dream of the divine Being within us; we are asleep, and we must wake up. But how can we wake up? By concentrating on our higher self, by identifying with it. Little by little, the consciousness of our limited self will become one with the consciousness of our higher self, and with this union true awakening will occur.’

This theme is covered comprehensively in:

Video Extracts: Higher Self and Lower Self

Lecture: The two natures of the human being, the personality and the individuality
What are the motives that drive us everyday? We must be above compliments and criticism.

Lecture from 5 July, 1983: The importance of balance between the heart and the mind
The true philosophy that is going to come one day will be a complete philosophy. Man will be strong, supple and resistant even on the physical level. He will be full of love and goodness in his heart, and finally he will have a luminous and penetrating intellect in order to understand the laws of the universe, the laws of life.

Lecture from 7 July, 1982: ‘Know Thyself means connecting with your Higher Self’
The most important thing in life is to understand and recognise the value of things and especially these three things: love, light, life, love of life

Lecture from 22 April, 1981: Thought needs feeling in order to manifest
It is not enough to have ideas; many people have ideas, but they live in such a way that there is never any connection between their ideas and their actions. There must be a link, a bridge, and this intermediary is feeling. Feeling adds flesh to ideas so that they can become a physical reality.

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