Les chants de la Fraternité

Les chants de la Fraternité2017-08-04T12:07:56+02:00

Singing is a central part of life in an Initiatic School.

Brotherhood songbook – 52 songs by the Zürich Choir

Here are links to beautiful recordings of the 52 songs in the Brotherhood songbook by the brotherhood choir in Zurich, Switzerland. Perfect if you wish to learn the songs – or simply to enjoy the enchanting voices. We thank the members of the Zurich choir for this wonderful gift.

Chor der Gruppe Zürich, « Lieder der Bruderschaft »

They include links so you can download the songs to your phone.

The Master leading the singing of « Aoum »

Aoum is a sacred mantra and very moving when led by the Master. Here he leads brothers and sisters singing this enchanting arrangement by Peter Deunov.

Mix of Brotherhood songs

This mix of Brotherhood songs gives an idea of the different styles:

  • Singing in a 4-Part Group, with male and female voices – examples of everyday songs sung in a Centre before meditation or meals. The Master leads the singing in some of these.
  • Male, Female or Mixed Choirs

Songs like Svetel Den and Sladko Medeno have simple lyrics and are the first to be practised. On these tracks you will hear the Master encouraging the singers.

The music for most songs was composed by Peter Deunov. These recordings come from Centres in Canada, France and Switzerland so you can expect a different style for each song.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
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