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Separating physical body from astral and etheric bodies

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'In some ancient initiatic traditions, candidates had to face one final trial. They would be placed in a sarcophagus, and there they stayed for three days and three nights, watched over by their Masters. By means of secret methods known only to them, their Masters kept them in a hypnotic trance and, detaching their astral [...]

Scientists have trouble measuring the soul and spirit

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'Scientists have decided to limit their research to the objective, material world, because it can be observed by everyone in the same way. They ignore the world of the soul and spirit, or even deny its existence, claiming that no one is capable of constructing equipment needed to measure it. Scientists are compromising themselves with [...]

Akasha, The Universal Soul, and the Birth of Christ

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We wish our dear friends around the world every blessing over Christmas and during the New Year 2017, John and Valerie Sent from Kerala, India where we are visiting friends. Kerala is a wonderful melting pot of religions - Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jewish - a great example to the world. We hope you enjoy [...]

The time is now ripe for the cosmic spirit to descend into humanity

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The spirit is all-powerful in the world above, but it is not all-powerful in the world below unless it is set free- 'We might wonder why the spirit, having penetrated so deeply into matter, has not succeeded in rendering it nobler and subtler. The truth is that the spirit cannot manifest itself on the lower [...]

Modern man – balancing the material and the spiritual

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In mastering the material, we have lost touch with the spiritual- In the past each individual was concerned only about their own development. This was perfectly normal; in fact it was a necessary phase of human evolution and as such was planned by cosmic intelligence. Just as a child has to begin by growing and [...]