La paneurhythmie – Danse en cercle sacrée

La paneurhythmie – Danse en cercle sacrée2017-08-04T11:27:44+02:00

The Sacred Circle Dance as it is performed today – with videos

This sacred circle dance is one of the spiritual exercises of the Universal White Brotherhood given to us by the Master Peter Deunov. When he spoke about the Paneurhythmy he gave the word its most profound meaning when he said: « It is the supreme cosmic rhythm ».

PANEURHYTHMY a rila - 19.8.2013

« In creating the Paneurhythmy, the Master Peter Deunov has given us the methods which permit us to harmonise with the most beneficial rhythms of the universe, for only an initiate is able to discover the movements and tones which correspond to these rhythms. If we went deeper into these movements and these tones, we would discover within them principles and rules which have their correspondences in the psychic life. You must therefore consider the Paneurhythmy as a pedagogical method: dancing the Paneurhythmy enables you to learn to adapt your thoughts, your sentiments and your actions to the most harmonious rhythms of nature. » 

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

On this page are videos of the Paneuryhthmy being danced in the same spot in the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria where it was first taught by the Master Peter Deunov nearly 100 years ago. Some videos focus on the music and the origins of the sacred dance, whereas others show hundreds of modern-day followers performing the beautiful dance in the summer sun beside the Rila Lakes.

Lessons on dancing the Paneurhythmy are given in Spring and Summer during congresses at the Teaching Centres. On another page you will find a demonstration video and playlist with the music for each part of the dance.

Music and Images, with some commentary about the origins of the music and the dance movements…

Video Part 1 with more explanation of the symbolic meaning

Video Part 2

One video from a YouTube playlist. If you enjoy it there are more videos on the playlist

Video (in two parts) explaining the meanings of each movement

Video with a bit more background of the Rila Mountains, Lakes and sunrise meditation