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Separating physical body from astral and etheric bodies

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'In some ancient initiatic traditions, candidates had to face one final trial. They would be placed in a sarcophagus, and there they stayed for three days and three nights, watched over by their Masters. By means of secret methods known only to them, their Masters kept them in a hypnotic trance and, detaching their astral [...]

A New Year Gift – free download

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Wonderful news - the Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Biography is now available for free download in French and English. Just in time for reading over the holidays... Our dear friend Louise-Marie Frenette has generously offered us her wonderful book to publish as an e-Pocket edition. This format can be downloaded and read on mobile phones and [...]

Our soul is like a seed waiting to germinate

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‘All humans have a vague feeling that somewhere there is a place meant for them, and until they find it they feel anxious, dissatisfied and unhappy. You may say, “A place? What kind of place?” When a seed is planted, it germinates, grows and bears fruit. And then it exclaims, “I’ve found my place!” For its true place [...]

Human beings are cells in the immense body of the creator

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'Always remember that all the creatures that you see around you are really part of you. Yes, when you tread the path of true initiatic philosophy you begin to realize that all creatures are one. In reality there is only one being: the Creator. All creatures are simply the cells of his immense body; cells [...]

By synchronising our vibrations with those of God, we can become one

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We exist no longer as an independent entity face to face with God; God dwells within us- 'As long as we remain outside God we are depriving ourselves of his riches. He cannot let uscshare in them, because we and he belong to two entirely different worlds that vibrate on two different frequencies between which [...]