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Akasha, The Universal Soul, and the Birth of Christ

We wish our dear friends around the world every blessing over Christmas and during the New Year 2017, John and Valerie Sent from Kerala, India where we are visiting friends. Kerala is a wonderful melting pot of religions - Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jewish - a great example to the world. We hope you enjoy [...]

By rejecting reincarnation, Christianity confuses people

'By rejecting the idea of reincarnation, Christianity prevents people from understanding how divine justice operates. So it should not come as a surprise when things don’t seem to make sense: when you do not see the deeper reason for situations and events. They are impossible to understand and you come to the conclusion that injustice reigns overall. In the face of [...]

Akasha, The Universal Soul, and the Birth of Christ

“When we say that a person brings the Child Jesus to birth within themselves, that they become one with their higher self, that the Holy Spirit dwells in them or that they melt into the universal Soul, these are simply different expressions of the same reality. The universal Soul is the ocean in which all [...]

Christ, and the birth of a New Consciousness

Everything in the Gospels is symbolic, and there is an extremely profound meaning hidden in the account of Jesus’ birth in a manger, but not many people have ever suspected this. You will certainly understand where in your body the manger can be found if you remember my lectures about the hara centre, when I [...]

Christ and the Solar Religion

There was only one Jesus, but there are, there can be, thousands of Christs. Jesus will always be a unique being. He is head of the Christian religion, Just as Buddha is head of Buddhism, or Muhammed the head of Islam. But Christ is the head of the whole of humanity, and indeed the whole universe. He [...]

The coming of the Christ, Part 5/7

The Christ must come first within the minds of human beings, where He comes as wisdom. Then He will descend into their hearts, which represents the realm of water, where He manifests as love... Part 5 of 7 – The man Jesus and the Cosmic Principle of the Christ It is very naïve to await the [...]

Jesus and the Cosmic Principle of the Christ, Part 1/7

In this series of extracts, the Master explains the nature of ‘Jesus’, a man who lived two thousand years ago in Palestine, ‘Christ’, a Cosmic Principle, and the 'Holy Trinity', (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), of the Christian tradition. Part 1 of 7 - Introduction Anyone wishing to understand the minds of all [...]

Planetary Prayer and Christmas Wishes

Thank each of you dearest friends and lovely souls of One-Heart, for joining us on the Planetary Prayer on the 23rd. It was just so wonderful for us and we wish this moment could have lasted forever. Judging from the comments on Facebook it was an inspiring moment for others as well. We are sure [...]

Separating physical body from astral and etheric bodies

'In some ancient initiatic traditions, candidates had to face one final trial. They would be placed in a sarcophagus, and there they stayed for three days and three nights, watched over by their Masters. By means of secret methods known only to them, their Masters kept them in a hypnotic trance and, detaching their astral [...]

The most important period of the year

Wishing our dear friends around the world every blessing this Easter Sunday. Sent from the Easter congress at the Bonfin on a beautiful sunny spring morning in the south of France, From the Journey with Omraam team. 'The notion of resurrection is necessarily linked to that of death and disintegration. As long as the seed refuses to die [...]