One day you will sense that heaven, light and love are within you

‘One day, when you have worked at this for years and years, you will sense that heaven is within you, that light is within you, that love is within you. When this day comes you will find that it is much easier to help other people and awaken them to this reality. But if, through a false understanding of spirituality, you remain barren—a blank page—you will be no good to anyone. The spirit must be allowed to descend!

The new work that is before us
It is when the spirit descends into matter that the child—that is to say, the kingdom of God and all the beauty of God—will be born in the world. This is the new dawn, the new work that is before us: to bring all the splendour, all the blessings, all the light and peace of heaven down to earth; down, first and foremost, to our own earth, our own physical bodies, and then to the whole world, to all human beings.

It is selfishness to want to flee the earth
We must tread a new path, for it is sheer selfishness to want to flee the earth on the pretext of spirituality or religion. Blessed are those who are capable of understanding me!

If anything is sacred to me, it is what I have been saying today. I must admit that I hesitated before deciding to talk about it, for it is too sacred. In talking about it I feel as though I were tearing something from my heart in order to give it to you. I finally decided to do so in the hope that you would understand and make up your minds to follow this path.

Work instead for light to shine through you to the world
There, I hope that this is quite clear now: instead of losing yourselves in nirvana, instead of wishing to eat and drink and rejoice forever in the company of the elect, think that you are bringing heaven down to earth; that its light shines through you to the world; that you are a light in the world. What glorious work lies ahead of you!’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Vol. 26, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

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