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Books are available worldwide, in print and ebook formats

The Master’s lectures have been summarised into around 100 books, dealing with different topics and have been translated into over 40 languages. They are available in print and electronic form from our publishing arm Prosveta, or from the distributors listed below.

Flip through the Prosveta 30-page on-line Catalogue to understand the Books and their Contents.

Prosveta On-line Catalogue

Download an ebook from Amazon or your preferred ebook supplier.

Kindle ebooks for instant download

Where to start?

The ‘Where to Start’ page provides suggestions, based on different reader perspectives, as well as a ‘Best Seller’ list.

Prosveta on-line stores

Independent distributors


Most distributors will deliver books to countries throughout the world, but it is worth comparing which offer the best price and delivery. If you have difficulty finding a book, AbeBooks specialises in second-hand and out of print editions, and deliver worldwide. Or failing that, you can check with us.